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We are humans and we are not perfect. In human relationships, we offend one another thus mistakes give rise to an apology. Good relationships include two imperfect beings who have decided to fight for their relationship no matter what happens. “Mpayinfo) see obi ara )d) wo na 3y3 wo b)ne”. So definitely it is the person who loves you that will wrong you. A relationship where mistakes are not made, where there is no quarrels, fights and arguments is a relationship built on pretence and lies.

But in a true relationship, mistakes will be done fights will come, arguments will rise but it takes this small statement” I am sorry” to resolve everything.

When a mistake is done, there is the need to own up end make amends. Saying sorry does not mean you have done something wrong or because you are weak but rather it means your relationship means a lot to you to be destroyed buy Little things.

Ego can destroy a relationship. a person who has pride and big ego can never handle a relationship. saying sorry does not mean that you are a fool but it shows how mature you are.

In dating, when a mistake is done you don’t have to look for a person to blame it on. The person who did the deed should own up and say sorry, by saying sorry it shows how you value the person. saying sorry does not take your beauty away or change your sex from male to female or from female to male.

Nobody promised a marriage filled with only laughter, marriage can be sweet and sometimes sour but we all pray we experience more of the sweetness than the bitterness. this points to how fast you and your partner resolve issues in your relationship or marital life. There is a saying that only the person who loves you can cause you pain or do bad things to you so definitely your partner will wrong you and when that happens, the ability to resolve the issue quickly will enable the sweetness you are wishing to enjoy come to pass.

If your wife offends you will you keep it in your heart for maybe a week or two? That will only create distance between You two. If she fails to apologize or admit her mistake then you have to just say you are sorry and it will save the day from getting further darker.

Saying sorry does not imply you are the cause of the problem, a fool or anything but it means you are matured, respect, value your relationship and don’t jeopardize what you have. I am sorry paves the way to solve the issue, make corrections, set new rules so that it cannot be repeated, it shows the person you have wronged how you respect and adore him or her.

It brings happiness and everlasting joy and creates a strong bond between the two of you. sincere apology heals all wounds and the one without the true sincerity destroyed trust. it is better to give it sincerely than to lie about it. do not say I am sorry just to cut arguments short but say it when you really mean it.

Three of the most powerful words that can be uttered in any relationship with another human being are “I am sorry.” Saying those three words with sincerity and authentic regret is what gives meaning and weight to the words themselves.

Apologizing to your partner appropriately will validate their feelings, promote forgiveness, and allow you both to move on from mistakes. Rather than pointing fingers in an effort to identify who is at fault, humbling oneself and confessing to the words or behaviour that have caused your partner pain, upset, or harm can go a long way toward strengthening your marriage. It’s not about who is right or wrong. But it’s about saying “I am sorry “to end it all

Apologizing is very important because it helps to resolve any conflict and re-establish a spiritual connection with the partner. Mastering the art of apologizing, will help you reduce relationship stress, conflicts and tensions.

Below are some of the benefits of saying ‘I Am Sorry’ in a relationship on News Hunter Magazine Lifestyle Tips this week.

(1) Saying sorry will mean a lot to your hurt partner after you take a bold step to apologize. it restores their dignity and makes them feel better. He/she will develop empathy towards you and the possibility of transforming their feeling of hurt into forgiveness will be very high.

(2) Trust and understanding may be restored in your relationship following an apology. ‘I Am Sorry’ makes both parties feel comfortable and respected. It also helps partners stay connected emotionally and strengthen their bond.

(3) Your partner will have a greater tendency to overlook your flaws after you have made a sincere apology. Also, you may be seen differently after the trust and understanding are restored.


(4) Strengthen bond – Saying sorry does not only get things back to normal, but it also strengthens your bond. The fact that you apologized doesn’t mean you were the one at fault, however, it shows that you prioritize your relationship over your ego. Your sorry will mean a lot to partner and it will also show how you value their presence in your life.

(5) Lessens Your Ego – Many people cannot say sorry because of their ego (s). Their ego (s) instruct them on what to do–and they might think saying sorry will discords a well-going relation. But if they gather courage and apologize, the hardened ego will be lessened even if it doesn’t dissolve completely.

(6) Prioritizing Your Relationship – Just one word ‘Sorry’ can go a long way to save your relationship. Fights and reckless misunderstandings are all part of relationships, so after a ‘sorry’ has been said, do your best not to let anything come in between your relationship. Relationships become healthy when partners admit their mistakes. Try learning from your mistakes if you want to have a strong relationship.

(7) People who apologize are seen as kind-hearted. Only well-mannered people say sorry and try hard to resolve conflicts urgently.

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