Obaremi was a governor of his state. He ended up as a reckless man.

During his tenure, he appointed every local government chairmen

without the choice of the masses.

In one of his escapades,he ordered

mr. Toje (the coordinator of Ile-ife development centre) to withhold

the salary of the workers. As a good coordinator, mr. Toje turned the

order down. After a month, mr. Toje was accused of manslaughter.

In order to avail himself the freedom, mr. Toje went to the

court to sue his accuser. Unknowingly to him,the governor (Obaremi)

had gone to the court to pay a tithe to them. Reaching the court, they

did not seek hearing from him.

The presiding judge pronounced "mr. Toje,you are hereby convicted

under four count charges (1) manslaughter (2) misappropriation of

government fund (3) violation of PDP law (4) certificate forgery which

is punishable under section iv

of local government bye-law. For the

above pronouncement,i

hereby sentence you to ten years imprisonment". when mr. Toje

heard this,his heart panted. He collapsed and was rushed to a


As mr. Toje was still in the

hospital,the governor sent his men to go there and eliminate him. He

compensated the family with two million naira (2,000,000).

Swimming in oblivion, Toje's wife

fell for the governor. In order to reward the woman (madam Toje) for

her blindness,the governor initiated her into the money lovers for

blood (MONLOB). In the same venue,the governor met comrade Kunle (a

cultist). He appointed him as the youth leader.

As they say "an old woman is never old in the dance she is

majored", kunle started his hidden escapades. He started buying Jeeps

for those who have up to five children. If he buys a

Jeep for you, two or more of your children would die. He bought a

Toyota Camry for his neighbour (mr. Kodunmi). The man drove

in the car and had an accident and died.

His wife also became insane. After much prayers,the wife gained her

consciousness. Kunle did the same and got rich and richer.

After the first tenure of governor Obaremi, he contested for the

second term in the office and won through rigging. He appointed as

usual. When he wanted to appoint Hon. (mrs) Kayinde as the councillor

representing Ile -ife ward ii, the vice chairman of the local

government objected it. He met the woman and told her to raise alarm

that the vice came to rape her. Owing to that,the vice was tried. His

case was adjourned until six years from the year of accusation by the

court. He was left under police custody until then. As the vice was

still in the prison,the governor sent some men to hang him.

Failure is a strength to a mighty hero. This adage is

authentic if the hero does not give up. All the workers in the local

government wailed "what shall one do to please our

self-conscious governor? The only good leader we have is being

crucified. Oh! God,why have you forsaken us? Why did you collect and

gave us devil as a leader?". The prayers of the workers were fruitful.

The boys sent by the governor to eliminate the vice changed their mind

against the governor. When they met the vice,they consoled him and

told him that they were going to retaliate the governor.

When the boys reached

the governor's lodge,he was sacrificing to his oracle. They hung him

on the tree of the shrine. All was not courageous enough to lay down

the Governor's corpse.

After two

days,the vice was tried and acquitted. All the workers and non-workers

of the local government and the state as a whole celebrated the demise

of the governor.

In the transcendental cosmos,the

governor met satan on his throne: he said "master,i tried all i could

to bring much souls for you but i

was cut short by those i sent for the task". Satan groaned and said

"my careless son! You are no more worthy to be with me". He sent him

away. He went to God but was rejected. He wanted to resurrect but he

was already buried. He started attacking his members. He appeared to

comrade kunle but could not hurt him. He appeared to madam Toje and

killed her. When he reached to the vice, he was hanging a stock of

cocoyam on the head corner of his bed. The stock pinned the governor

(now a spirit) that he was not able to disappear as usual. He remained

static without a word. The vice called the prayer warriors in his

church to pray against the agent of the devil without knowing that he

has been rejected by both the almighty God and the satan. After their

prayers, the governor turned into a snake and other sorts. At the

end,he became a pillar of salt.

STORY BY: Nwigboji Franklin

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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  1. But Frank, why didn't the youth leader, Comrade Kunle die? However, am happy that the devil has been put to shame. Frank am falling deeply in love with you. You are a genius. You keep your profession lively. Keep it up and maintain originality. I love you very much Frank.

    1. Franker thank you for your question. As you can see,every one has his destiny. God may have purpose for the life of Comrade Kunle as he did to Paul in the Holy Bible when he was Saul. He killed many christians but later became the pillar of christianity. It could be because God wants to make use of him to bring souls for him through repentance. For the love issue, love is not through what is heard but what is seen. You must see me to know if am a man or a boy before you talk of love for me. However, i cherish your love for my write-ups. You are blessed.

  2. Franker am sorry for writing directly into your profile. The reason for the survival of Comrade Kunle is not far fetched as we know that God is not a man. He does things in his own way. He has purpose for his survival. Check the past life of Paul in the Bible when he was Saul. His hobby was to dehumanize the christians. He maintained it until God called his attention. Look at him today as the pillar that holds the churches in Corrinth,Rome,Philippi, and other places. This could be the same to the Comrade. Please you should note that people live longer if they are sinners. This could be because God wants them to repent before they can die. The more they continue with sin, the more they live longer. I love you more than you love my write-ups. May the almighty God bless you in Jesus name. Thank you for your commendation.

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