Sherifa warms up to return

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Sherifa Gunu is known by many for her energetic and fascinating dance

steps coupled with a really great voice and breath taking costuming

that have kept her admirers applauding her sense of fashion and talent

in music.

But almost one year after she came up with that beautiful signature

tune for TV3's Ghana's Most Beautiful pageant, Sherifa seems to have

disappeared from the vibrant music scene.

She explained to Showbiz last week that while she was working on her

third album, she realised she was pregnant and therefore, she had to

slow down and subsequently take a break to care for her baby.

So far, Sherifa says she is very happy being a mother and wife. About

her married life, Sherifa described that her lifetime journey has been

rewarding so far because her husband has been very supportive of all

her triumphs and tribulations to date.

"I wish all the female artistes have what I described as a 'real man'

to support them; It's not easy at certain times and that is where you

need a real man to be there for you to protect and stand by you, to

guide you and lead you not just as your manager but a real man".

While Sherifa gets ready to return to centre stage, she advises

players and stakeholders in the music industry to put much more effort

into their work to lift the face of the Ghana music industry.

"Things are currently not going on well in the music industry", she

said. "Musicians use their God given talent to develop an album only

to start thinking about how it will be heard".

She is noted for being a crowd-puller as she is able to capture the

attention of her audience although most of her songs are in Dabgani,

her mother tongue. Her fans accept the songs and many are even able to

sing along with her.

Asked how she is able to do that, Sherifa said; "I believe in

everything I do. I believe that the spirituality we all possess as

individuals also play a major role in all that I do; again, my

creativity also pushes me to do more for my fans.

"I have a reason for everything I do. What we have as Africans is

beautiful so we should appreciate our kind and my talent is God-given

so I appreciate it. Sometimes, when I am on stage and see my audience

quiet, there is a reason to it. It is not because they don't enjoy

what I am doing but rather, they are listening to the message I have

to offer. I am a very spiritual person so I give thanks to God for

everything that I do."


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

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