Actress Nikki Samonas taunts Minister with her boobs

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Beautiful actress Nikki Samonas seems to be teasing Ghana's Deputy

Minister of Tourism Dzifa Gomashie as she exposes her boobs.

Both personalities have a bone to pick in an issue regarding boobs exposure.

Late last year, the Deputy Minister reportedly took to social media,

facebook, to lash out at Nikki for exposing part of her boobs at 4syte

Music Video in a dress by Ghanaian designer Madleyn Mode.

Nikki allegedly explained her dressing, saying: "This is showbiz. In

showbiz, things like this are welcome. I am in showbiz so I don't see

anything wrong with what I wore."

But the minister, who is herself an actress, replied saying: "…don't,

out of ignorance, paint everyone in show business as you would

Rihanna, who by the way, I am not a fan off. If you think because you

are in show business you have a license to walk around with your

'boobies' popping out of your dress and short enough not to make us

curious, that is your understanding."

"It is not the case that because you are in show business you can wear

anything without considering the cultural setting. Yes by all means

express yourself in thought and in deed. But, do not forget your

freedom and rights are not created in a vacuum…and by the way, how do

you expect us to know when you are acting and when you are not acting,

when every space for you is a stage."

Nikki however wasn't perturbed as she went on another boobs showing

spree at Ghana movie awards in a sexy dress by Tema-based designer

Madleyn Mode.

Credit: NewsOne

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