MH370 shot down by US, says former airline CEO

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The former director of French airline Proteus has suggested that a
US military jet shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 over the Indian
Ocean to prevent it being used to attack an airbase on Diego Garcia.

Marc Dugain also said that he had been warned off delving too deeply
into the fate of flight MH370 by a British intelligence officer who told
him that he was taking “risks”, according to France Inter.

The Independent reports that Dugain had travelled to the Maldives and
interviewed witnesses “who reportedly told him they had seen a ‘huge
plane flying at a really low altitude’ towards the island bearing the
Malaysia Airlines colours”.

According to the official account of MH370’s final hours, the missing
plane probably did make a sharp left turn to fly west towards the
American base on the British territory of Diego Garcia soon after it
lost radio contact with air traffic controllers.

However, it is believed to have made another left turn thousands of
miles before it reached the base, which is about halfway between
Indonesia and East Africa. MH370 then flew south before running out of
fuel and crashing into the ocean about 1,000 miles off the Australian
coast, according to an analysis based on satellite tracking data.

Credit: theweek.co.uk

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