Ghana needs a new generation of leaders – Lloyd Amoah

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Senior Lecturer at Ashesi University Dr. Lloyd Amoah says it is time

Ghana get a new crop of leaders to transform the country and allow for


He said as the country goes to polls in the 2016, every Ghanaian owes

it a duty to ask if the current leaders are performing well, but if

the answer is no then they should vote to change the current leaders

and bring in new ones.

Speaking Wednesday on Adom FM's 'Burning Issues' program hosted by Afia Pokua.

Dr. Amoah said current leaders of the country have misplaced the main

priority which is achieving development.

He therefore called for a new face of leaders to rule the country,

adding that Ghana needs new leaders in the next two years.

"If you lead a country you should have feeling for the people you rule

over; you should feel the way they feel, but it turns out that our

leaders do not have inner feelings for us", he said.

He wondered why the country has experimented with a number of

development strategies, many of which were imposed by the

International Monetary Fund (IMF) and yet the country was challenged.

He said plans to go for a bailout from the IMF in a month of

independence is a disgrace, a shame and defeats to the core principles


He said the country needs patriotic leaders and not partisan leaders

to govern it.

According to him, good leaders for Ghana are those who tackle national

issue boldly and with patriotism.

"Ghana has good people; Ghana has knowledgeable people. There are

people who can transform Ghana. God has blessed the people of Ghana

but what is left is to organize ourselves and make up our mind to

change the country. That is what is left as a country", he charged.

He believes that Ghana can do better in 30 years with a new generation

of leaders, adding the black man is capable of running his own


He charged all Ghanaians to help build the country for a better future.

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