Dumsor could end by December; but $130m Nigeria debt could bring it back again

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A former Chief Executive of electricity generators, the Volta River

Authority (VRA), Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby, has painted an optimistic

picture of Ghana's energy crisis.

He says the power challenges, called 'dumsor' in local parlance could

improve by July and end by December when maintenance works on

important power installations is complete.

"We should be able certainly before July or if not be able to return

to 12-hours off, moving very much towards of the end of the year, we

should be able to return to business as usual", he predicted on Joy

FM's Super Morning Show Monday.

But he undercuts the optimism with a caveat that it will ultimately

require government paying off its debt to Nigeria to guarantee

consistent gas supply to Ghana's thermal plants.Tracing a vicious

cycle of debt, Dr. Wereko Brobby explained that government owes the

Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) about$1.6billion while ECG owes the

VRAa similar amount.

VRA owes Nigeria $130million completing the cycle of power-related debts.

According to Wereko Brobby, maintenance works on TICO unit No.1 was

completed in April releasing 100megawatts more to the national

grid.Kpong thermal plant is expected tobe restored by May. It will

generate 36 megawatts.

TICO Steam turbine is scheduled to be up and running by May and will

bring 100 more crucial megawatts this month.

The 180megawatts Sunon Asogli expansion plant is projected to produce

power at full capacity by June, he continued.

These improvements in power supply in coming weeks means the500mw

deficit which is the cause of the current load shedding could be


This progressive state of affairs means the days of dumsor are

numbered, he argued.

To ensure the sustainability of regular power supply, Dr.

Wereko-Brobby is encouraging governmentto pay off its huge debts.

"Already Nigeria has officially put us on notice," that we need to

honour our financial obligations, the former VRA CEO revealed.

If Nigeria cuts its gas, Asogli will be shut down and a domino effect

of shutdowns will ravage through Ghana's thermal power enclave in


Dr. Wereko-Brobby believes that itis not prudent to invest huge monies

in power barges from Turkey and Dubai when the moneyis needed to

immediately solve "a real and present danger" of havinggas supply cut

off from Nigeria.

Credit: Myjoyonline.com

He wants government to focus on "paying off ECG debts so ECG can pay

VRA and VRA pay can Nigeria".

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