Nana Fynn Says Ghanaian Songs Are Being Destroyed By Sound Engineers; And You Need Alcohol To Enjoy Them

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Nana Fynn

There is this term in akan ‘Yebu didi’ which literally means taking in alcohol before eating…today, a Ghanaian musician has created a new word ‘Yebu de sa’ meaning taking in alcohol to dance….

Veteran Ghanaian highlife musician Nana Fynn Acquah Harrison popularly known as Nana Fynn says the quality of Ghanaian songs today are being destroyed by the poor works of sound engineers in the country.

According to the ‘Odo handkerchief’ singer, one needs to take in alcohol in order to enjoy today’s music made in Ghana.

“Unless maybe you’ve downloaded one or two bottles of beer when you are breezing and you want to dance then you can enjoy dancing” he told Hitz FM’s Black I in an interview on Daybreak.

He hinted that the poorly mixed Ghanaian songs are driving listeners to patronise American R&B and other foreign genres.

He observed that it is wrong for music producers to think that it is only danceable songs that can made up unto the hit lists in the country.

Nana Fynn is of the view that this tendency for loud, bashing, club songs is pushing out large audience who prefer measured sound engineering.

“In your quiet moment when you want to reflect, which Ghanaian artiste’s song are you going to play?”, Nana Fynn is wondering.

He said artistes request that their songs are made very loud to blast like they were dance songs and “most engineers are mixing very loud because that is what the managers are asking for”, he added.

Nana Fynn is blaming the trend on the current breed of radio DJ’s who play songs as though they were playing in a club.

This practice he says makes it difficult for slow tempo songs to make hits in Ghana. He dismissed the view that loud music is what the audience wants.

 “People will take what you give them” Nana Fynn quipped.

Nana Fynn released his first album ‘Ankwansema’ in the year 2000,  ‘Akwansema’ is a fante term meaning a lone ranger in town looking for a wife.

The veteran musician has won several Ghana Music Awards for his good works.

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