Ohenebabaa Konadu Writes: Women Expect To Be Respected, But We Have To Respect Ourselves First

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In our generation and most especially in recent days most women have lost their respect to the world and the question is why? My little knowledge tells me that most women have been selling their respect to the world for some reasons that demand an explanation.

If we can recall, many women around the globe have campaign for women to be respected and not to be assaulted which they were looking forward to yield something out of their campaign but yet what do we see?

Looking around the world these days, all you see is that many women selling their price for nothing and it is a bit surprising why some women will decent that low.

Taking a good look at some music videos across the world you will sit quite and ask yourself why women should be respected. I also ask myself what at all will compel a lady to show off all her private parts to dance in a music video just to promote the singer who has covered himself in the same video.

At the end of the day who will benefit? The singer or the musician will get his fame and money he will be known in the whole world, he will be described as the best musician ever whiles those women who showed off their butt and boobs will not be recognized not even in their continent not to talk of naming them as best dancers and best people to show off their boobs in the world.

Some musicians have been named best at their field either been a dancehall artist, hiplife artist, hiphop artist and many more based on what they sing and most importantly their music videos. Now the big question is how many women who showed their butt and boobs is such music videos have been named best something in this world.

Let us talk about our female celebrities, they are the well known people in the world but yet some of them go wild showing all their private parts on social media and are still expecting people to respect them. How many male celebrities are found of exposing their private parts that way, they wear suits and good designer wears to important gathering whiles our ladies will dress half naked calling themselves beautiful women. If I may ask where lies our beauty when places which were meant to be covered are already exposed.

Now I end here by asking a big question that what are we looking for? Why are we selling our price for unnecessary things? Why have we forgotten why God created us and how special we are? In God’s creation the last thing he created was a woman this and many more are the more reasons why we should know and understand how special we are.

Women let us open our eyes and avoid unnecessary fashion for God’s sake, let us respect ourselves first and we will be respected by men who use some of us in making money and fame.

Source: Newshuntermag.blogspot.com/Ohenebabaa Konadu

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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