How To Enjoy Life At The University

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University could be
termed as a second ‘home’ from home, as it’s apparent for high school leavers
across the country apply for admission, when forms are made available in order
to get a degree or probably a diploma.

Evidently, students are
always happy to receive that ‘heartbeat’ text or a well ‘crafted’ email
notifying them about how they’ve gained admission into the Tertiary Institution
of their choice.
Yes! That good feeling
though, when you jump, tap and/or dance to a self composed beat when you’re
picked to further your education.
Interestingly, students
are so eager to visit their new Institution, be the first to attend lectures,
and also plan on how to enjoy campus life.. But how can students enjoy life
when they get into University?
In this article, I have
outlined some ways through which students can enjoy University Life. This post
can directly and/or indirectly be beneficial to you as a student, or probably
should you know about someone who’s in the University.
Have a nice time reading
1) You ought to be
punctual at all times
‘Discipline begins with
punctuality’, and that’s an old but a very popular parlance for everyone to
know. As students, we have to be discipline and punctual to all campus activities
in order to succeed greatly in life.
Remember to know that,
you’re ‘free’ to live your own life, so, once you find yourself in the Varsity,
make it a point to live a fruitful one.
Include the spirit of
punctualism in those self written commandments coined by yourself as you
prepare to embrace the semester in prospect.
Try as much as possible
to value your time as a student, by being punctual to class, or probably any
organized program which is seen as valuable on your campus. ‘Sleeping is always
always sweet, and there’s this annoying feeling when you know you have a class,
most especially going for an early morning class. But hey, don’t over sleep,
wake up, prepare and go to class.
You could arrive on
campus, 30-45 minutes right before class activities begin. Not just ‘thronging’
to school occupy the front seats, as most students are eager to, since ‘some’
are noted to have taken it as a ‘World Cup’, and others succeeding in making it
look like a ‘Uefa Champions League’ style of sitting.
However, going to class
early makes you apt and well prepared for lectures. You could use that
opportunity to read a book or revise your notes, or probably walk to some
friends and say ‘hello’ while awaiting your lecturer to come to class.
And to my friends who
live afar, try planning and/or structuring your timings even before the
semester commences. If you’re unable to go to campus, 30-40 minutes as stated
earlier, it’s much more appropriate to be on time, be it to class or wherever
you plan to go.
You shouldn’t just be
punctual to class, but do well to partake actively during class discussions.
2) Avoid trouble!
As for this one ‘dieer’,
I wouldn’t want to expatiate further on it. I believe, you understand what I’m
up to with this point?
Well, on a more serious
note, enjoying a good stay in school revolves about one avoiding ‘needless’
trouble at all times, and I urge students to note that, including you reading
this article. It’s very necessary.
3) Build a healthy
relationship with people
You are definitely going
to meet people from different background the very moment you enter the
Commit yourself to
making good friends who will impact greatness in your life, and not friends
who’ll only want you to sponsor them 24/7 to the Cafeteria or restaurants,
without impacting positively in your life, thereby leading you into trouble.
Form study groups with
your colleagues, say to hello to those you meet on campus (Even if you don’t
know them), seek for ‘reasonable’ advice, and ask for help, if you really need
it. (Don’t be shy.)
Don’t mar the
relationship you have with people, with greed, ego and/or pride. This will go a
long way to help you in future.
Life becomes boring when
you hide or ‘corner’ yourself without socialising building networks. Network
with people and learn something great from them too.
But wait, what were you
thinking at first, upon seeing a healthy relationship? Ayoooo!
 4) Respect
Maintaining a healthy
relationship with people solely depends on the respect you have for them. Quite
a number of people have lost good friends probably because; they’re seen to be
Learn to respect the
decisions of people, and also tolerate their views as well. Avoid the bossy
nature and ban it’s ‘cousin’, attention seeking lifestyle on campus.
Apologize, when you are
wrong, and be cautious about the utterances you make towards people.
Develop a good attitude
by respecting your colleagues and, lecturers, including the non-teaching staff,
and everybody you meet on Campus.
Relax, and shun away the
‘All Knowing’ mentality as a student, less you lose respect.
Respect improves healthy
relationship among people.
5) Dress well
Be it casual or formal,
try as much as possible to be appear decent at all times. I’m not going to
judge the dressing style of students, No! I wouldn’t do that.
However, let’s avoid
wearing clothes that’ll ‘expose’ us to the public. I hope you understand what
I’m arriving at.
The truth is, you become
confident to approach people and be approached whenever you dress well.
6) Be abreast with
information on campus
It is very essential to
remain updated on the happenings of your campus activities.
Visit the school’s
website or its notice board on daily basis for information. This could be done
right before or after class.
Don’t be left out, find
out from your colleagues about the latest development on campus. But, remember
to confirm the veracity of the information you receive.
7) Partake in extra
curricular activities
What we need to
understand as students is that, university isn’t only about attending lectures,
and going home after class.
Right, you’re there to
earn a first or second class, but do well to partake in student activities as
Students can build a
good social life at the University by joining recognised clubs or
organisation(s) on campus, attend seminars and lectures outside your field of
Students can also play
an active role in student leadership/politics by running for a office when the
need arises. But, it doesn’t mean that, you should stand up one day with the
notion of picking a form in order to lead a Campus club or run for an office.
Be rest assured of your
own capabilities and give it a try. It doesn’t matter if you fail or get
defeated at the end, the experience matters.
Personally, I get
unhappy but sometimes laugh when I inform my colleagues to partake in extra
curricular activities and they’ll be like ‘I’m not interested, I need to read
for my First Class.”
We can all decide to
read so as to ‘bag’ all the A’s but our inclusion in the outside world will be
justified at the end of the day.
The truth is that, most
job owners tend to ask students or applicants about their special skills as
well as their contributions made, during school days. (Ask any C.E.O. or M.D.
if you doubt me)
So Imagine you have
none, what happens?
It is equally good to
know that, you earn a lot of skills should you remain commited and actively
involved in extra curricular activities.
8) Keep a personal diary
Life is actually good
when one keeps a ‘backup’ of his or her interesting and/or sad moments so as to
reflect on in the near future.
As a student, buy a
diary or visit the App Stores and download any of these Diary apps.
Be consistent in
summarising your daily activities in your diary, and this will go a long way to
help improve yourself as well remind you of great memories in the future.
9) Have Fun
University without fun
could boring and you should agree with me that, all work and no play…
(complete it)
So, shake off those
hectic moments in school with some good fun.
You can visit the cinema
on weekends, attend end of semester parties and so on. But be careful about the
type of fun you indulge in, less you get into trouble.
10) Management
This goes to students
who live in hotels, rented apartments outside campus, or even home.
Learn to manage your
resources very well, inculcate the habit of saving and minimise the calls for
‘top up cash’, less, your parents or guardians will be irritated.
Avoid unnecessary
spendings and learn to save, since savings are important for daily living.
Management also involves
a proper planning that can ‘house’ all your semester activities.
11) Study hard
Remember that, your
ultimate goal at the University is to earn a good certificate prior to your
Attend lectures at
times, complete assignments and make time for studies. Sit and read or revise
your notes at all times. Reading every day improves your brain.
Draft a well planned
timetable for yourself which will guide and control your activities.
Visit the Library
regularly (if you can), read articles and books online, and ask for help on
something which you don’t understand in class.
Save some coins for noodles
or ‘Kyiibom’ and buy good books to read.
Earning a First or
Second Class will amount to the seriousness you put in your studies. You know
what I mean, don’t you?
Finally, I want students
to know that; “Life isn’t about attending the finest or prestigious
University in this world, it’s all about coming out with something great’
As stated earlier, this
post sought to suggest some ways to enjoying good life at the University, and
it will go a long way to help us all achieve something great at the University
prior to our graduation.
Do you have a friend or
a relatively who’s at the tertiary Level? Get him or her to read this piece.
Thanks a lot for
reading, I hope you enjoyed it? Watch out for my next post.
Nambe Patrick is my
identity, and I am a student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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