Stacey Amoateng Reveals Who Is Behind Her Success

Ghanaian television personality, Stacey Amoateng has revealed who is behind her success.

Speaking in an interview on e.TV Ghana’s African Women’s Voices, Stacey said her husband has been a great pillar behind her success.

”In life, each and everyone must have a support bone. Be it a sister, brother, mother, father or husband. Without a support bone, you will come crashing because you can’t do it all alone,” she said.

“I have been able to achieve all these successes in my businesses and foundations because I have a backbone which is my husband,” Stacey added.

She further stated that she consult her husband in anything that she does.

“I don’t do anything without consulting my husband first. Sometimes we go on loggerheads because he doesn’t at times agree with what I want to be on TV.

“That is how effective and accurate my husband has always been as my pillar and support bone,” the CEO of Platinum Networks posited.


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