Marry Someone Whose Earning Can Complement Yours – Leila Djansi Advises Men

Popular Ghanaian filmmaker based in the United States of America, Leila Djansi, has counselled men.

She advised men to marry someone whose earning can complete theirs.

Leila gave this advice in a post-Newshuntermag.com has seen.

She also urged people who do not have strong financial muscles not to marry or have kids.

Her advice was on the heels of the so much need she has seen on social media.

Leila Djansi wrote: “If you and your intended are not financially set, with savings, joint accounts, and investments, please do NOT get married or have children! I am so heartbroken seeing so much need on social media this morning!

Men, men, draw ya ears: BREAK up post haste with any lady you’re dating now who needs funds from you for her basic needs and phone bills. This is NOT a woman who can partner with you in marriage. Marry someone whose earning can complement yours. Not one that will not make a significant difference, and that’s why a spouse is also referred to as a significant other.

Stop chasing the flimsy wife material and find you a nice strong blanket.
If you’re planning to enter a marriage and have kids,

Please, please, PLAN and include any eventualities cos shit happens. Give those kids the comfortable life you either had or did desired. Pay it forward. I don’t care how much God is in control. God ALLOWS shit to happen, so you better be prepared like the ten wise virgins!
Good morning .”

Leila Djansi

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