Mr Logic Implores Ghanaians To Be Responsible After The Passage Of E-Levy

Ghanaian artiste manager, entertainment critic and songwriter, Emmanuel Barnes, widely known as Mr Logic, has shared his view on the E-Levy.

He implored Ghanaians to be responsible during a discussion on UTV’s United Showbiz program on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

The majority of Ghanaians were against the E-Levy before it was passed by a one-sided Parliament a few days ago.

Mr Logic however thinks poverty is a choice and people shouldn’t be complaining about everything.

“Let’s start being very responsible. We always like to complain and that’s why we don’t develop as a country. Complaining left and right. Fuel this fuel that. E-Levy this E-Levy that and so on. Poverty is a choice. You decide to be poor and so if you’re poor don’t make certain statements and drag people along with you,” he stated.

He further berated those who blame NDC and NPP.

“Whether it is a capital tax, general tax, or whichever tax you are paying. Let’s learn how to abide by these things. Once we have accepted that Ghana is a developing country, we must not blame the government for our problems. We shouldn’t blame NDC or NPP. It is Kwame Nkrumah that needs to be blamed. Look at South Africa, they had white people in their country yet they allowed them to build the country and they gradually took over. Now they both live together there. But as for Nkrumah, he said we can be able to handle our own affairs. Have we been able to handle our affairs?”

Mr Logic

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