Cease Any Attempt Being Made To Claim Part Of Sunyani Land – Sunyani Traditional Council Issues Stern Warning To Fiapre Chief

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The Sunyani Traditional Council has issued a stern warning to the Chief of Fiapre, Obrempong Professor Kyem-Amponsah II, to keep off the land of Sunyani.

During a press conference, the Akwamuhene of the Sunyani Traditional Area, Nana Kwaku Sarbeng Ababio, stated that Sunyani has no boundary with Fiapre.

He revealed that some youth of Sunyani removed sign posts erected on the territory of Sunyani by some people of Fiapre to promote a said Festival by the chief, Obrempong Prof. Kyem-Amponsah II.

This action by the Fiapre people, Nana Sarbeng and the Council think it is an attempt by the Chief of Fiapre to take over some parts of Sunyani land.

The Akwamuhene of the Sunyani Traditional Area remarked how needful it is for the Council to intervene because the youth made a statement to prevent any attempted takeover of any part of Sunyani land by Fiapre after removing the sign posts.

Fiapre is located right after the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) in Sunyani on the Sunyani-Nsoatre road, but the area is deemed as a suburb of the Sunyani West Municipality because of political administration.

Nana Sarbeng Ababio recalled that the area in question “was a vested government land which a compensation of £5 was paid by one ‘Captain Feel’, the then governor of Western Ashanti to the STC in 1906”.

He further stated: “the area in question is even a disputed area with the case at the Law Court”.

“We of the STC are aware of a land dispute in contention with Fiapre on one part and the STC, the Lands Commission and the Catholic University of Ghana on the other part in the law court”.

“The Fiapre Chief needs to respect the law court of Ghana because his incessant actions depict his disrespect towards our court”, Nana Sarbeng Ababio stated.

According to him, the Sunyani Traditional Council has learnt with grave concern, an attempt by Obrempong Pro. Kyem-Amponsah II to twist history and making claims to owning parts of Sunyani land with a consequent action to install some purported sub-chiefs on Sunyani land.

He added that such people cannot be regarded as chiefs as far as the land of Sunyani is concerned.

Nana Sarbeng Ababio said: “according to history and archival records, Sunyani Stool does not share boundary with Fiapre Stool anywhere, therefore the conduct of the chief to unilaterally set and determine boundary between the two stools is provocative.

“We want to state categorically that the action by the Chief of Fiapre is infuriating and at this moment that some youths have expressed anger and are disgusted by the disrespect of the Fiapre chief against the Stool and people of Sunyani, he must put his unlawful actions to stop immediately.

“We as a traditional authority have tactfully dealt with this issue in the interest of peace and coexistence to avert any untoward situation, therefore he must abandon the expansionist agenda he has been nursing and pursuing in this modern era.”

He hinted that the situation is getting murky and if care is not taken, it can lead to a disaster if the Council does not do something about it.

“We hereby call the Fiapre Chief to order and instruct him to immediately cease any attempt being made to claim part of Sunyani Land.

“We shall not allow Fiapre to own any area, not even the size of an ant hole on Sunyani land”, Nana Sarbeng Ababio emphasized.

“We the members of the Council and youth have a sacred duty and responsibility to the living, the dead and generation unborn to protect Sunyani Stool lands bequeathed to us by our forefathers”.

Nana Sarbeng Ababio added: “We know our boundaries, if part of Sunyani land is by political administration called Sunyani West, the mere fact that Fiapre is in Sunyani West does not give the chief any power to make claims to land belonging to the Sunyani Stool”.

The Sunyani Traditional Council further called on “the National Security and the Regional Security Council to swiftly advise Obrempong Prof. Kyem-Amponsah II not to make any attempt in celebrating his said Festival, tread on any portion of Sunyani land or try to undertake any customary rite on any part of Sunyani land, else he will have himself to blame”.

He also assured the angered youth: “We understand your frustration and anguish, but we are assuring you that we shall not let Sunyani lose even a centimetre of its land to Fiapre Chief”.

Sunyani Traditional Council at a press conference about issue with Fiapre Chief over Sunyani land

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