‘We Are Only Acting’ -Maame Serwaa And Others Cries Out

What do Clara Maame Serwaa Amoateng Benson; Maame Yaa Konadu Jackson

and Emmanuella Antwi have in common? Well, some people would rightly

say they are all fast- rising, Kumasi-based film actresses in their

early teens. Others would also sneeringly describe them as screen

brats who have adopted distasteful adult traits. To the latter group

of people, the three young actresses think they must understand that

film is essentially a make- belief system and actors only play roles

assigned by their characters and as wished by directors. No doubt, it

is the roles those three play well in the movies that have caused some

folks to assume that they are disrespectful, quarrelsome and plain

nasty young persons. The young stars have disputed those claims and

stated clearly in interviews with Showbiz that they could not be

blamed for depicting roles assigned to them in the movies. Maame

Serwaa, 14, said though she had heard comments about her being rude

and disrespectful, she could not be bothered because people only

judged her based on what they saw in the films. "I always put myself

into any character I play. I learn the part so well that sometimes I

add my own bits apart from what the director desires in order to make

things look more realistic. I guess that has contributed to this

perception but I'm not respectful," she stated. A form three student

of Mount Hermon School, Maame Serwaa has featured in movies like

Fakye, Tumi, School Girl, Azonto Twins, Ahonhon Bone, Mprewa Nyinsen

and Jerusalem House. She stated that she could not be blamed for being

a good actress who plays emotional roles well, especially when she has

to cry on screen. "It is not my fault that producers have come to like

my style of acting. I am making fairly good money per movie and cannot

let that pass me by because someone thinks I behave too much like an

adult when acting. "I want to be a star actress in a few years and I'm

working towards that. I'm not 'too known' or whatever they see me to

be," Maame Serwaa remarked. On how she was coping with school

alongside acting, Maame Yaa said her screen career had so far not

affected her education in anyway and that her teachers admired her

brilliance at school. Maame Yaa started acting in movies about six

years ago. Films she has appeared in include Azonto Ghost, Azonto

Twins, Fakye and Ntafuo Tumi. She said she was not perturbed by

people's comments because they do not really know her and how she is

like in real life. "The fact that I am given a role that makes me act

like an adult does not make me feel big or disrespectful. I do and

will always respect the elderly. " The 13- year- old Junior High

School student of Selorm Educational Complex said she wished people

would rather take time to study her behaviour off the set before

passing comments about her. Meanwhile, Emmanuella Antwi,13, who is

also known for movies such as Tumi, Obra Ye Oko, Me Ba and Azonto

Ghost Reloaded admitted that though she had heard some comments about

her two other colleagues, she was yet to hear anything about herself.

She said that could probably be attributed to her relatively short

period in the industry and the fact that she doesn't really play many

adult roles. "My fans have really supported me over the three years

that I have been in the industry. My father is very particular about

my education so I can't toy with my studies" she added.


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

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