Uchenna is a boy whose father died when he was still tender. His

mother trained him until he was 20 years old. When he was 23 years

old,he met Ugo for marriage.

After two

years of dating,he fixed marriage with Ugo. When they were traveling

to the marriage venue, Uchenna was with his mother. After the

ceremony, Uche, Ugo (his wife) and his mother were in a ship. As they

were sailing,there was a shipwreck.

Both the mother and Ugo could not swim. It was only Uche that could

swim. As both Ugo and Uche's mother were about to be drown by the

ocean, Uche thought of what to do. He said "What shall i do now?

Should i leave my new wife to be drown or my mother? Oh! my God".

After much contemplations, Uche resolved to rescue his mother first.

Before he could come back for his wife,she had already been drown.

When everybody were gathered, Uche narrated his ordeal.

They blamed him for leaving his new

wife to be drown. Worst of all,the parents of the wife (Ugo) said

that he must provide their daughter for them. Full of agony,Uche

slumbered. His mother was poised by the rumour. She went to check if

it was true. Before she got to the scene of the distress, Uche was

already rushed to Ogbumadu hospital. The hospital is a hospital where

someone in coma is pushed up faster to his ancestors.

This made the mother to make hay while it shined. She knew that she

had enemies but she believed in the saying that the worst enemy is the

one behind the mask.

Immediately Uche was admitted into the

hospital, the first thing they did was to rush him into the mortuary.

Guessing what was going to happen, Mama Uche banged into the ward.

When she reached there, Uche was already in the operating theatre.

This made her to be in abundance of disgust. She screamed. This woke

Uche from his slumber.

In the other ward

of the same hospital, Ugo was unconcious. She was on the fence. She

was a di-homo sapien. This accrued the immortability of the girl

leaving the dear ones in a fluctuative mood of anticipation. They

thought what to do for nothing. All were stranded.

When Uche discovered his mortality, he resigned for fate. He

moved his head before his forehead. This made him to call a spade a

shovel. He saw Ugo lying parallel in the bed. He slumbered as usual

and was resuscitated by the newly admitted doctor. He regretted being

alive to see Ugo unconcious.

As the day twinkles and gets mature to night, night to

day, the judgement day comes. Everybody was troubled by the nature of

the incidence. There were opponents in each party. Some were there to

see Uche convicted and sentenced to death. While some were there for

Uche to be acquitted. All according to the state of his mind. The

judgement was passed that Uche Was not guilty of any crime. He was


As Ugo was still in the hospital, one of the

attendants wanted to rape her. She woke in the process. As she was

about to unfold herself, her childhood friend, Ogechi banged in and

told her that Uche has been sentenced to death by hanging and has been

hanged. After the news, Ugo picking a pair scissors there and stabbed


When Uche came to the hospital, Ugo was already death. He tried

and survived by hauling Ugo to home. When he was about to cross the

middle of the road, he was crushed down by a car.


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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