Alhaji Baba was a devout moslem. From his childhood,all nominated him.

When it was time for election,his people appointed him to be their

eye. In the process of primary,his friend,Musa told him that he was

going to support him. When he agreed,he trooped into his privacy. As a

holy man,Baba confided in Musa. When they were out for lunch,Musa was

called by Alhaji Gombe (an opposition party candidate). He called him

to negotiate how he would pay him to eliminate Baba for him.

As they say, "If you are not

killed by a woman,your best friend must kill you." The adage

manifested in Baba's life. As Musa and Baba were jubilating over the

triumph of Baba over his campaign, Musa was busy regurgitating. He was

there with a di-critical mind. When they finished eating,Musa

suggested that they should enter into one of the rooms to have their

air blown. As Baba was sleeping,Musa beheaded him. He sneaked through

the window to


A farted fowl fears and runs away from the land. He ran into a well

and was about to be drown in it. When the people around saw him, they

rushed and saw him out. After his rescue, he was handed over to the

police. As he was still in the cell, Alhaji Gombe came in and bribed

the policemen. They released him to go for free. He continued with his

usual life.

The saying that no matter how long you can keep a cat as a domestic

animal, it must maintain as a wild animal is real.

Also, the popular chapter and verse (Matthew 7:2) says that you can be

measured the same measure you measured for another man. As the

campaign was still progress, Alhaji Fatai, who was another expirant of

the post met Musa to work with him. He paid him to eliminate Alhaji

Gombe for him. He accepted and killed him while they were eating. He

poisoned his food.

When Alhaji

Fatai won as the leader, he made Musa his vice. They started to

humiliate their subjects. He later killed Alhaji Fatai and became the

leader. He killed all those in the village that could challenge him.

As he was

having fun with his wife, he fell from the bed and died. That was the

end of his life without a remedy.


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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