STORY COMPILED BY: NWIGBOJI FRANKLIN: No wonder it was said that " a hurried leg is seen by a hurried

eyes". The matrimonial escapades of Jude and Judith was an epitome.

Things were cumbersome and awkward to be quantified. The reverend

father, Michael, mobilized the atmosphere, which was callous to be


If any one does any cryptic escapades, he is liable to cryptize

all the adventural perspectives of the secrete. Catholic church is a

popular church where old doctrines were intact. The early worship of

statue to adorn God was sine qua non to being indoctrinated in the


The marriage of Jude and Judith deteriorated from normalism. The

aisle was adorned with aisle runner actually in amphither seating

during procession, but the bestman was far from realism. The bridal

party, ironically, was awesome with squalid and repulsive bridesmaid (

Ishallbe )


bridesman. It was time for the breaking-glass, when the candle

lighters lit the candle in the chuppa. The wedding was too near to a

commitment ceremony. The flower girls, flower children, greeters,

groomsman, groomswoman were the relatives of Jude. The ceremony was an

interfaith ceremony without page boys, which made it ketubah wedding.

The reading was said by the reader, who wore an incriminating attire.

The ushers were the ring bearers together with the unity candle. The

wedding ring was blessed by the bestman; While the bridesmaid fastened

it into the spouses' finger, as father Michael, who was the guest

Reverend father for the occasion was tied down by jollof rice and

salad. After the recession, the couple lumbered and yearned down to

the aisle without the emergency kit. They passed the dais to the

backstage. After every

wedding, the spouses eat their cake and swim in the grass-filled ocean


grudges. As Jude discovered that the Reverend Father was no more to

their view, he dived into the ocean of Judith at the back of the

church. He discovered that the ocean had been swam severally by

aliens. He was ignorant of the fact that the ocean was then a

forbidden one. He collapsed in it. Emma, who was the only surviving

brother of the bereaved helped his perpetual clown. Judith went to

Rev. Michael, only to discover that she was cursed by her stepmother,

who was not happy over her prostitutious escapades when she was still

a public virgin. Judith swore never to allow any man to live since her

man had gone. She started away-match, sending greedy boys to their

early doom. She succeeded in sending fifty virgin boys to hell.

Judith toiled all she could

to visualize her predicament, but the grave was a home for the doomed.

She excelled to some extent. She started cohabiting with another boy,

who was so poor that he could prefer being the chairman in hell than

the gateman in heaven.

Two years after the contact of Judith and Philip,

Judith could no more conceal the shape of a snail-tied sack. She was

optimistic that Philip was not going to survive. She metamorphosized

and became so assertive that her self-esteem was unpredictable. She

told Philip that he was a perpetualistic dunce.

Following the squables between Judith and

Philip, he headed for no where. As he was in route with other

large-hearted men, the driving engine clutched to diabase. He saw few

women alighting from the automobile to the desert. He joined the


since the central

governmment was deserted. He entered to verify if he could come in

contact with some fruit. As he was pacing, he saw a twin "Ghana must

go" bags, which were pregnant.

At the scene of the "dustbin riches" there had been a

python which served as the secure brain behind the mask. When Philip

approached the python, he faced indecisions. He prayed, " Oh! Dear

python, i have tried all i could in life but all seemed to be hectic.

Please, may you compassionate me. Just let me grasp one of the bags to

validate my greedlessness". He grabbed one of the bags to discover

that it was a compendium of riches. He became a millionaire from the

bag. In the village,

Judith heard that she was betrothed to a marine spouse. She went for

prayers and succeeded. She went to Philip for forgiveness. Philip had

less opinion than checkup. It was solidified that she was HIV


She rushed into the kitchen, picked a penknife and stabbed Philip and

herself, claiming that he led her into committing adultery: which led

to her demise. Both died a mysterious death. All the Gentlemen of

Ogbunwoke clan avoided her remains. "Oh! What a tragedy". The mourners

screamed. They all shouted "this is as a result of the secrete


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