I deserve to win all my nominations @ VGMA 2014 – Guru

Even though last two years Guru had a couple of hits

with "lapaz Toyota" being a major hit

nationwide, his song was not nominated for the

2013 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

This came as a shock to a lot of music lovers in

Ghana, and even to those who don't really pay

attention to the Ghanaian music industry. The

song was a huge success in both Ghana and on

the international market, which won him the

Best Song of The Year at the City People

Entertainment Awards in Nigeria.

Speaking to Guru up close and personal about

his music and the upcoming Vodafone Ghana

Music Awards 2014, he stated that;

"Last year when I didn't get nominated or win

any award when it was so obvious I should have

won a couple of awards at the VGMA's, I did not

insult or disrespect the organizers of the VGMA,

instead I went to the studio with a focused mind

and a hardworking spirit and dropped Boys

Abr3, NkwadaNkwada, let me love you and

Amen, which by God's grace were all hits

nationwide; topping radio charts across the

country and beyond.

"All the songs I dropped last year didn't have

any line of profanity to suggest I'm informing

the youth or my fans wrongly, but they are

rather entertaining and motivational lyrics that

inform and educate the country and the world at large.

So if Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is really

"Ghana Music Awards," then the organizers

should factor in the influence of a song

nationwide, not only in Accra or any capital

region, but also in all the villages and in the rest

of the country. Which my song did all over the

country for months, and still reigns."

So for this and the other reasons mentioned

above, I deserve to win all categories I have

been nominated.

Finally, he added; "I really respect the

organizers of the VGMA's and expect them to do

the right thing by awarding those who clearly

deserve the awards.

Am not sure an artiste has to insults organizers

or any media house before they are noticed or

are awarded what they deserve; and even if it

happened, it is not right because it proves that

the organizers don't know what they are doing

and also give the awards a bad name. But as I

said earlier, I respect the organizers and believe

they will do the right thing by awarding me what

I have worked for."


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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