Sarkodie ready to defend himself in court

It was reported somewhere last year that a man

by name Obuobi Jeremiah has taken Sarkodie to

court over his Sark collection. The two were in

court not long and Sarkodie's lawyers filled for

defense in curt. Now the two, Sarkodie and

Obobi are ready to face the court for the issue

to be treated as it is.

Flex newspaper, broke a story headlined,

'Sarkodie sued GHC 90,000 over Sark Logo in

our last year Wednesday 20th November


In the said publication, one Obuobi Jeremiah

(aka OB J) alleged that he is the one who

initiated the idea of starting a clothing line with

musician Sarkodie and had several meetings with

the latter and his management to that effect.

Obuobi alleged that he provided the design,

style, logo, art work and also suggested the

name Sark to Sarkodie and his management


Oboubi alleged that he went ahead to produce

samples of Sark T-shirts and even provided

freebies (T-shirts) to fans of Sarkodie during the

latter's Rapperholic concert at the Dome of the

conference centre.

Before he could finalize memorandum of

understanding with Sarkodie and his team, he

read in the media that Sarkodie has launched a

clothing line called Sark Collections. Riled

Obuobi sought legal action by serving Sarkodie

and his team a summon letter through his

solicitors and legal advisers – Akufo-Addo,

Prempeh & Co Chambers represented by

Barrister Kwabena Boye Adjekumhehe.

The case was opened for first hearing but we

gathered the Defense Council (Sarkodie and his

lawyers) did not show up in court. The case was

therefore adjourned to 9th January, 2014. On

Thursday 9th January, 2014, the case was

opened again. Council for Sarkodie, Moses Foh-

Amoaning, pleaded with the court to allow them

prepare and file for proper defense which the

court granted. The case was heard in

Commercial Court E, started at 9:00am and

ended sitting on the case at 9:20am.

Following up on the story, Flex newspaper

gathered that Sarkodie's Council has officially

filled for defense. In an interview with Obuobi

Jeremiah, he confirmed, "yes, lawyers of

Sarkodie have finally filled for defense in court.

They are ready to fight and we are also ready

for them." In commercial cases (like OBJ and

Sarkodie's), the case is first tested in a Pre-Trial,

meaning, the Plaintiff (Obuobi Jeremiah) and the

Defendant (Sarkodie) sit with a court arbiter to

solve the case amicably.

If both parties agree to deal with the case out of

court based on whatever understanding they

reach, the case dies off there; else, they resort

to the court for judicial judgment.

Since lawyers of Sarkodie have finally filled for

defense, what it means is that there shall be no

Pre-Trial. The two parties are now going to test

the case in a civil court where Ghana's copyright

laws shall be properly opened and dissected.

The legal team of Obuobi is demanding a

whopping GHC 90,000, proper rendering of

accounts of all shoes, clothing and accessories

of which Obuobi created but were allegedly sold

by Sarkodie and his management team at he,

Obuobi's expense.

Flex newspaper prayed and wished both parties

reached an amicable solution but since

Sarkodie's council have filled for defense, we

guess our showbiz industry might be getting a

case study for reference as far as copyright or

Intellectual Property infringement is concerned.

Flex newspaper promises to follow up on this

story for publication as and when due.

[Flex Newspaper]

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

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