D2: “Not all songs should be meaningful or educative”

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Vibrant Ghanaian music duo in Ghana, D2 has come out to answer critics

on their doubt of the quality of music they do when asked for their

opinion on the issue of whether a particular song is good or not. "Not

all songs should be meaningful or educative. Some are just for

partying and for having fun," the group answered. The group said music

in general musicians has gone through different stages, and that is

the reason Ghanaians should be made to understand what is going on in

the music market. "The music we do now is directed towards the

commercial market because that is the demand of our fans and as a

matter of fact, in our camp, our fans come first and no one hence

giving them what they want and yearn for." D2 said they have a lot of

inspirational and educative songs, but they have a plan for their fans

and will always continue to shock them with the kind of songs we churn

out. "We love what we do so we are incredibly passionate about it," D2

said. The Dynamic Duo (D2) explained that their latest song which

features engineer Appietus was a request of the fans who kept asking

them to show their mellow side, so they had no option, but to give it

to them. When asked what their fans should look for in the coming

months, the group made up of Duke and Genesis promised 'surprises' to

their fans and asked them to keep supporting the group D2. This

question seems to continue to lie in a bucket of subjectivity because

what one sees exciting might be boring to the other.

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