Rap Dacta guns for Ph.D.

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It seems Okyeame Kwame doesn’t want to be just a ‘Rap Dacta’, he wants
to be an academic doctor, and he has sworn to attain that status before
he departs this world.

The award winning musician earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) four years
ago, and it seems he will not rest there but will continue until he
attains a Ph.D.

“All that I have ever dreamt of in life is to have the title Doctor
(Dr) precede my name, and I am really working at it,” the Woso singer
told Showbiz last Tuesday.

“The principle is simple, the more you know, the more you do, so even
as an artiste, it is important that I gain knowledge in my field. I
should be able to read music notations as well as know the theory
surrounding what I do in order to become a specialist and a better
artiste,” he said.

Okyeame Kwame cited his Hepatitis B campaign and his position as the
Public Relations Officer of MUSIGA as just two examples of leadership
roles he has attained as a result of the knowledge he has.

He revealed to Showbiz that his next educational goal was to learn about Content Management and Copyright Law.

He admitted that there was always the temptation to aim for money
instead of knowledge, but he was taught by his father to avoid that
since ‘knowledge is power’.

“My father always told me to dress for the job I want not the job I
have. This is the reason I’m aiming to study and be even more
resourceful than I am now,” he added.

When asked if he had any political aspirations hence his desire to
educate himself to the highest possible level, the Woara singer said,
“When I say leadership roles, I’m not talking about political positions.
I have no desire to hold any political office, but I am a role model
and as such, I want the youth to look up to me.

I have to lead by example. I am simply choosing to be a positive role
model in order to brighten the little corner in which I find myself,” he

Okyeame Kwame encouraged up and coming musicians to aim at being more than just artistes who simply sing or rap.

“Just because you are talented or have the voice to sing does not mean
you just get into the studio and start recording a song. I would say the
entire industry is 70 percent knowledge and 30 percent talent.

At the very least, you need to learn an instrument and have a basic idea about the science of what you are doing.

“There are steps to follow in order to produce good music consistently-
namely concept, training, learning and execution. You cannot skip any
of the steps and expect to be a good artiste,” he added.

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