What growing up in the slum taught me — Ruth Kadiri

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Ruth Kadiri is one of the fast rising actresses cum scriptwriters you

would love to meet some day. Soft-spoken, easy-going and highly

articulate Ruth has built for herself a name that may get the likes of

Geneiveve and Omotola going green with envy in no distant future. The

Edo State born actress who debuted as an actress in "Sincerity", a

movie that she also wrote, in recent times, has upped the ante. She

opened up on her relationship, lessons she has learnt as an actress,

childhood experiences and other interesting revelations.

What lessons have you learned as an actress?

I have learned to be patient. I have also learned to understand that

our destinies are different. More so, I have realized that not

everybody would appreciate your style, or understand where you are

coming from .All you need as an actor is to be focused. It's easy to

get distracted, or follow the trend. But if you have a style and you

are able to stick to it, as long as you know that you are doing the

right thing, you will surely get to your promised land.

Who is that director you can't wait to work with?

I have been blessed to work with so many directors and I have personal

relationships with some of them. Mentioning their names right now can

put me in a very tight corner. But I appreciate all of them for their

various strengths.

Mention one of the famous actors you have been privileged to work with?

Majid Michel is a fantastic actor; he stars in my "Matters Arising."

Alex Ekubo also portrayed the character wonderfully well. Sharon

Francis is also very good.

What inspired your recent photo shoot?

I followed the footsteps of senior colleagues. If you want to go far,

you have to do everything to avoid comments on social media.

That means you don't read the comments?

I try not to. If you listen to what people say at the end of the day,

you will lose it. What is important is that you are comfortable in

your skin.

Has there ever been a comment that made you cry?

No, not yet.

Have you ever kissed an actor with a bad breath?

No, I hardly kiss in movies.

But you have kissed before?


So, what actor has given you the best kiss?

Are you kidding me? No! People don't understand that there is no

personal attachment when it comes to kissing in a movie.

Some of your colleagues still remember?

But I don't.

Why do actresses in Nollywood appear richer than their male counterparts?

I don't know. Are they? Women have a tendency to show off things,

things a guy will normally ignore.

You recently flaunted your Range Rover SUV, what is the story behind it?

I didn't flaunt it. I am not that kind of person. Go on my Instagram

page, you will not find it there. It was just a presumption from a

blogger. Apparently, it turned out to be true that I bought a Range

Rover. But I didn't post it on Instagram.

It was presumed that your boy friend bought it for you?

Yes, the person who bought it is just my friend. Somebody I have known

for a long time.

Are you in a relationship?


Any marriage plans?

Hopefully, we will get there by the grace of God

Who is your ideal man?

Every woman wants a good man. I want somebody who respects me.

Do you think you are successful?

Yes, I know I am successful.

What are the new projects you are working on?

It's still in the pipeline. I am working on a movie called "Over the

Edge"; I told you we just finished shooting 'Somebody Lied." Next

year, I am planning to produce quality films.

You adore Uche Jumbo a lot. What impression do you have about her?

She is a very sincere person. She is someone who is ready to tutor

you. For a colleague who takes someone up and doesn't give up on the

person, I think that is a strength I know I don't have. But I

appreciate that so much about her.

How would you describe your transformation as a superstar who was

raised in Ajegunle?

As a child I have always known what I wanted. In my room, I have a

write up that when I turn 18, I would rent my own apartment .My dad

saw it and was like "Where are you going at 18 years? I told him, my

plans to get my own apartment and start making money for myself. He

laughed it off. I think that decision helped me to cultivate the

desire to be independent, and do it the right way.

Growing up as a child in Ajegunle, it's either you get lost or it

helps you find your way .Right now, there are so many mistakes I can't

make. I see many ladies misbehave. If I am able to overcome it at

childhood, I can't start doing it now. Growing up in the slum, helped

me to discover myself. It's either you are defined or you are not.

A statement was credited to you that you fell in love at the age of

18, how true is that?

I didn't say that. Nothing happened to me at the age of 18.

Are you kidding me?

I had that interview, but I didn't say that. As at that time, I don't

even think I had fallen in love

When was the first time you fell I love?

Sincerely, it's my present relationship.

What is it about your present relationship that makes it different?

I think he is very mature. Like I said, he respects me a lot in a

certain kind of way that I appreciate. If you have not been on the

other side, you probably will not even know that you are not


Have you ever been abused in a relationship?

No, but there are certain things I cannot take. For example, I can't

stand watching my man receive a call from his ex. I can't take that.

I read somewhere that a female lecturer wanted to seduce you.

How true is that?

It happened. At first, she took a lot of interest in me. The first

time I went to write an examination, she saw me came close to me and

asked me what I was writing. She knew the days I don't come to school

and even my scores. Then one day, I think I missed her test and went

to her office. I was sitting across her like this and then she just

moved her leg and started touching my laps. I just moved backwards and


What do you have to say about the picture that had you putting your

hand on your boobs?

I notice that whenever I want to take pictures, I just find my hand

going towards my boobs. You will see at least five pictures of me in

that posture. It was that picture that created loads of controversy.

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