“Arise Ghana” — Nambe Patrick writes

Everything in this country appears to have been politicised, making life difficult nowadays. Political opponents see each other as enemies whenever public discourse and ideas are been challenged or debunked. It has come to a point where gulping of water, attending of public events and even coughing are been attributed to politics.
As a result of this, majority of the citizenry find it difficult to partake in national issues for the fear of being victimised nor bring up their ‘workable’ ideas to help push a society or move the country forward. This is very disturbing!
It’s high time we desisted from such ‘partisan politricking’ as well as moving away from poor attitudes in order for our society to flourish. 
But I think Citizens and Leaders are both ‘faulty’.
Take a critical look at this;
A nurse, who’s supposed to attend to sick patients will be tweeting, whatsapping, facebooking or probably shaking the head and twisting the body as if he/she has finished a fasting session just to shoot a mini video on SnapChat or Instagram during working hours. 
Financiers of Institutions will connive with ‘others’ by adding Zero’s to a proposed budget, hoping to share their profits accrued at the end.
Favorites and family members with no/less knowledge nor qualification/experience in relation to a job or position will always be paraded and kept in offices by their “Bosses”.
Journalists, who’re supposed to report on issues affecting the nation would ‘Chok for one corner’ and patiently seek for ‘Soli’ with their conscience ignoring the plights of the citizenry who needs immediate attention. Others will go in for ‘Soli’ and pretend to be Holy in the sight of Men.
‘Those’ in charge of church offerings will always exercise their mathematical prowess by subtracting and adding coins/notes which will eventually end up in their pocket.
Workers will falsify reports to get their hardworking colleagues fired from their post with no tangible reason. Those contesting for positions with others will do everything possible to ‘cut them off’ by spreading and championing rumours, as well as falsehood in order to dent the reputation of their opponents. 
‘Citizens’, expected to act not like spectators, will secretly take monies out and overlook problems affecting the society at large. These people have been ployed to defend and ‘polish up’ the bad policies of leaders to make them look good in the sight of people. Interestingly, they’re willing to voice out and highlight the mishaps affecting the land, but since their conscience have been ‘crippled’ with some ‘coins’ and kheebabs, they’re barred from doing so. What a pity! 
CEOs and Business owners will seek to take advantage of their position and sleep with innocent ladies before employing them. This situation has made it difficult for good jobs to be executed. Poor Ladies who fall for such antics, probably because of their income status, wouldn’t be willing to work hard upon securing such jobs.
Others will use their offices as ‘Mini Hotels’ conducting ‘body operations’ on women who visit them.
Most Leaders will comfartably sit somewhere and plan on how to dupe their people or probably meet and drink ‘Beer’ with tax payers’ money. They keep diverting resources into their ‘pockets’ without bothering about the welfare of their people. If you’re a leader and fond of deceiving your dependents, remember your cup will be full one day.
It’s always disappointing and disheartening listening to periodic heated but baseless political propaganda on the airwaves.  Contributors know the truth yet they’ll never speak it out. Just a few media platforms do tackle issues which hinder the development of our country and I commend them for that.
Even with this, finding solutions to these problems after discussion is also another headache. 
There are countless actions which impede the growth of our country, and such actions mustn’t be encouraged, if we’re truly serious to make life easy as a nation.
We shouldn’t hesitate to criticise our leaders and also put them on their toes to work, they’ve been chosen to serve and not to be served. As we put them on their toes, we ought to also check and be mindful of our attitudes as well. 
Societies will be governable if its people change their bad attitudes and work for a common goal.  
Subordinates shouldn’t be “allergic” to the truth. We must be bold when speaking the truth.
“Kanawu, eye kyen se wo teetee”
May God instill in us, discipline and honesty, for an effective nation building. 
Submitted By: Nambe Patrick – Ghana Institute of Journalism, Accra.

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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