Try To Carve Your Own Niche – Rita Dominic Advises Up-And-Coming Actresses

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Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic, has advised up-and-coming actresses to work hard and carve a niche for themselves.

She said they should seek excellence and not fame and money on the job.

According to her, when one secures goodwill through excellent performances, fame and the rest will follow.

Read Her Chat With Desmond Ekwueme Below:

You have been described in different ways by different people. Many simply say you are beautiful, some say you are a fashion icon, how would you describe yourself?

I am Rita Dominic….Simple!
What’s your opinion of such complimentary remarks?
Naturally, everyone loves good things being said about him or her. So I see it as complementary and I show appreciation if it is said before me….
So do you see yourself as being beautiful?
I just thank God for making me. I appreciate him for how He made me. Each time I take a look at the mirror, I praise Him.
You are one of the most fashionable celebs around. What is fashion to you?
Fashion is confidence. If you are not confident in your look or what you are putting then, you are not fashionable. Fashion is style, the way you do things. Fashion is a statement. What you put on speaks volume about you. Fashion is life. It reveals how you view things around you…..
How do you choose your clothes for every or any occasion?
Yeah, the occasion or event determines what you put on. The time of your outing also determines. Time is not just about morning, afternoon, evening or night. The season is also part of timing. Knowing the environment or of the event or occasion goes a long way toward helping your dress sense. You must know your body, your shape, and your size because what fits you may not fit me. You must have the carriage. By carriage, I mean the right attitude that portrays or buttresses your personality and style. Then you must have a high sense of color which of course goes with the event and time.
You have been described as very beautiful, what’s the secret of your great look?
Being me. When you try to be someone else, it may give a negative impact on your life because you don’t understand or know what he or she passes through being like that. Looking good takes a lot of sacrifices which you may not be able to afford while attempting to be someone else.
So I try being myself. I make a statement for myself which many may admire even if it differs from theirs or what they like. I keep it natural most times. I do it my way. You must be happy the way you look, else you look like someone else.
You talk about sacrificing a lot to look good. How do you mean?
Yeah, some people watch their weight to look good. They may go on fruits for some time. They may stay away from a particular kind of food just to look good. They may be using organic products in all they do. Talk about fashion, getting what makes you smashing may not be too cheap or easy. This is what I mean by the sacrifice which many go through just to look good.
Do you do these things?
No, I don’t. I am just trying to make you understand why it is not always good trying to be like others especially in the area of fashion.
Recently, in an interview you granted another publication, you talked about marriage, are we expecting the wedding bell to ring?
When the bell rings, I trust you must hear.
Your colleagues are delving into music, politics and what have you, are you in for any of these?
Like I said, I love being me. I love what my colleagues are doing. I commend and appreciate them. But we cannot all lie down facing the same direction. I have been involved in music at the surface level though, by helping out or appearing in few video shoots for some artistes who are my friends, but, like I said, I don’t do things just because others are doing them.
What is your greatest challenge as an actress?
Trying to improve or get better. Moving to the next level….taking up bigger tasks and achieving excellent results. I love surpassing the previous feat achieved and this always makes me set a goal for myself at all times.
What’s cooking? Is there any new job in the works?
Just keep your fingers crossed and pray that our daily activities pay off…
A word for upcoming actresses who see you as a role model…
Don’t be Rita Dominic….rather work hard to be yourself. Try to carve your own niche…Like I always say, be yourself. This will help you to be focused. Seek excellence and not fame and money on the job. Once you secure goodwill through excellent performances, fame and the rest will follow.

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