Wendy Shay Was Kept In A Room And Groomed To Be Like Ebony – Rosemond Brown

Ghanaian actress, Rosemond Brown has made a wild allegation on how Wendy Shay was brought up into the music scene.

Speaking in an interview with Tactical Shifo on Cheers FM’s Entertainment Power show in Sunyani–which was monitored by Newshuntermag.com, the loudmouth actress alleged that Wendy Shay was kept in a room and trained to be like the late Ebony Reigns.


“Coming out, she should have been herself. Now Wendy Shay does her things just like the late Ebony. The way she shakes her butt, the way she performs, sings…look exactly like Ebony. She was kept in a room and groomed to be like Ebony. They made her watch Ebony’s videos just to be like her. I have seen that they are really pushing her. I like Wendy Shay, she is a nice and a beautiful girl…but I want them to groom her well and be herself,” she said.

Rosemond stressed, “It is clear that most of her songs are for Ebony. Even if you listen to ‘Psalm 35’ you will feel the Ebony in her. She is faking things. It is not wrong for Rufftown records to give her Ebony’s songs to come out with, but Imitating and faking things to be like Ebony is the problem. She should be herself.”

 “It is difficult for Ghanaians to accept you if you imitate someone. Recently, she sang ‘Bedroom commando’ for some school children and it was wrong. That should tell you that her management poor. They should advise her for her to know where and when to perform certain songs,” Rosemond Brown, otherwise known as Akuapem Poloo added.

When asked whether she has a problem with Wendy Shay, she averred: “I have never had a problem with anybody on this earth. I just speak my mind and always tell the truth. If you watch my videos, all that I say are real things.”


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