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Tips from How to set up remote work with minimal loss of efficiency.

Coronavirus has become one of the most talked about events of the past and 2020. This is a new form of pneumonia discovered in late December. The number of deaths has already exceeded 5,000. And, according to many experts, this is only the beginning.

The epidemiological situation worsens daily. In connection with the spread of COVID-19, many businesses are transferring employees to remote work. But how does one work remotely without affecting the bottom line? And how important is it to move away from colleagues in a timely manner? We suggest talking about these and other aspects in today’s article.

Is it possible to transfer to a remote activity legally?

Undoubtedly, yes! Your employees can work remotely and use the internet to complete their tasks.

For the most part, remote work is suitable for programmers, copywriters, web designers, application developers, and other similar professions. But other specialists can also switch to remote work: lawyers, managers of insurance companies, designers. Such an approach does not worsen the efficiency of labor, but, on the contrary, increases it by several dozen percent.

What is remote work?

Today, more and more employers prefer to transfer employees to remote work. Some consider this an ineffective method, while others, on the contrary, are confident in the increase of their workers’ productivity. But the coronavirus situation put this issue to the forefront, as the question of remote work is now quite acute.

In fact, remote work has a significant number of advantages for both employees and the employer. The indisputable advantage of this approach, first of all, is the absence of the need for regular office visits. The employer also benefits. For example, you do not have to pay for power and water (small amounts, but still). You will also save on tax payments, social benefits, the organization of stationary jobs.

Moreover, telecommuting will make you a more loyal employer in the eyes of workers. This will allow employees to work even when, due to poor health, a person cannot be present in the office.

In short, in specific situations, it is really worth thinking about transferring people to remote work. Especially when it comes to mass epidemics. Here, the main advantage is to reduce the possibility of infection of the team to zero. After all, colleagues are no longer in direct contact with each other, which means that the probability of contracting airborne diseases is minimal.

How to introduce remote work?

If you, like many businessmen who care about employees, want to prevent mass infection and introduce remote work, you probably want to keep productivity at the same level. To do this, you must at least realize the benefits of it. Pour a cup of coffee, sit in your favorite chair and think about how much benefit the work of employees at home will bring. Firstly, doing your favorite thing in a home atmosphere is much nicer than working in an office. Secondly, you will get the same results as in the office, but with less trouble.

So, for the temporary introduction of telecommuting, it is necessary to mentally prepare subordinates. First note that working at home is not a vacation. It is advisable to indicate that deviation from labor standards will be punishable by fines and other sanctions. Then the workers instantly realize the seriousness of this approach. But don’t overdo it. Remember that a good leader not only builds subordinates, but also creates comfortable working conditions. Although just introducing remote work is already a good start.

To keep your employees productive, follow these tips:

  • start with just a few employees
  • hire several freelancers
  • enter part-time
  • provide technological solutions

If your niche is very full, most likely, competitors have already tried this method. Do you see the efficiency in the work of similar companies? Do not be afraid to do the same – boldly enter remote work and enjoy instant productivity growth!

Recommendations for the transfer of workers to remote.

Remote work is the dream of many professionals who are constantly in the office. After all, this is a great opportunity to combine job responsibilities and spend time with the family. So that distance work brings not only comfort to employees, but also benefits, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of recommendations that contribute to increasing efficiency:

  1. The connected channel. A corporate messenger can have a channel where all operational information about the team’s work will be: updates, new solutions, plans, problems and so on. Every question that requires the manager’s answer should be in this channel, not in private messages.
  2. Working hours. Work from home is not work at any time. Remote synchronization is very important.
  3. Take time to chat. In remote work, you have to communicate and call up a little more often. If there were no daily meetings, it is worth introducing them. You should add rules (for example, everyone is given no more than 3 minutes each), so you don’t spend too much time managing your subordinates.
  4. Daily commitments. Everyone should do enough throughout the day to be able to present work done. If it’s design – a link to iterations, if development – fixes, support – questions and answers.
  5. Tools. It is advisable to choose tools that support remote work: Figma, Miro, Jira, Google Docs, Zoom, and so on. Employees must have access to these tools.
  6. Location for work. Everyone already chooses this for himself. But it is important for an employee to communicate to their family that they are working. To have your own workplace, not forget to take breaks and complete the work in a timely manner.

Thus, the productivity of employees remains the same. It is very much possible that the new workspace will invigorate the employee and improve their productivity, delighting not only the employer, but also the employee’s family – through bonuses, salary increases and presence at home.

In conclusion

Do not forget that in the next few years, remote work will become the usual method of employment for most people. This is not only convenient, but also profitable. If you really decided to transfer your employees to remote, it’s time to plan the actions and implement it right now!

We hope you found this article useful, and you made a decision in favor of remote work. That’s all for today. We wish you success, see you soon!


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