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Keeping your partner takes a lot of efforts. Communication and other tips listed by www.newshuntermag.com in this post can never be looked down upon if you want to be happy in your relationship.

On News Hunter Magazine’s Lifestyle tips for this week, we are looking at five important things to consider if you want to keep your partner.

The story of Adam and Eve in the Bible tells us that God wants us to live happily in our relationships. Nature compels us to share our lives and it derives certain commitments and efforts to make this happen.

Below are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Work On Yourself

Before you can love someone one else, you need to personally work on yourself. You share love and experience with others after you have cultivated more within you. Working on yourself won’t be easy but the result will be beneficial to you and your partner. Your partner will love and appreciate you more when you become better.


  • Open Communication

It will be difficult for a relationship to thrive without communication. Honest and open communications help the growth of every relationship. Both partners sharing their deepest thoughts and feelings on issues regularly is very vital. Tell your partner about the problems or things you are not happy about. Share these problems with him before they eat you up. To keep your partner, he/she should be the one you can talk and share everything in your life with. Opening up to your partner will make you more comfortable around him/her.


  • Find Ways To Become Emotionally Intimate

Finding ways to be more emotionally attached is also important in a relationship. Develop the emotional side of your relationship. Have deep conversations with your partner, text them, keep in touch often and let them know that you are thinking about them throughout the day. Be more creative when working on physical intimacy.


  • Be A Good Listener

You cannot underestimate the power and importance of listening if you want to keep a loved one. Keep an active ear to whatever word they say. Paying attention to them can also help to connect you intimately. To achieve this, you have to swallow your pride, be patience and caring as well. It also calls for understanding and unconditional love. Bury your ego if you want to keep this partner of yours.


  • Accept The Flaws Of Your Partner And Love Him Or Her Wholeheartedly

As humans, everybody may have his/her weaker side. Do not let the flaws of your partner scare you. If you liked him because of certain qualities, prepare to embrace the other sides of him/her. You will have your partner for a long time if you love him/her deeply despite his/her flaws. Love is a beautiful thing, so do not let him/her go because the little things that annoy you, there is no perfect partner anywhere.



Note that there are little things that make relationships work; both parties need to sacrifice to make it work. Try and build trust as well. How can you be in a relationship if you do not trust yourselves? Trust issues collapse many relationships so try as much as possible to be a trustworthy partner to keep the relationship on track.

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