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Chris level is a global star known to sing and make soundtracks for projects around the world. He first gained traction when his soundtrack ‘Lose Ma Cool’ got used in micro-videos on Instagram and Facebook, this led to more influential people requesting the soundtrack, now Chris reportedly will work on his first global project with one of TikTok’s most-followed person in August of 2022.

Chris level was born in Kigali Rwanda on 2004 the 5th of January to mother Umuhoza Marie Blandine and father Musoni Jean Pierre who gave birth to him in a very tough situation as they were running the risk of aborting Chris. Chris level makes pop music and pop/RnB soundtracks as many of his fans know him for.

Chris level has 1 sibling named Musoni Parfait and 3 cousins, he was a troubled child when he grew up as he had some type of mental health and anger issues, he had the dream of becoming an actor one day as he worked his teens towards that, this wasn’t too long before Chris eventually grew out of it and decided to pursue sync licensing as many told him he had the talent to sing more than act. The choice of making sync licensing a career came to his mind only in May of 2022 and the reason he felt good about it is because it combined the film/scene and music aspect of things as he said.

Being a celebrity is tough but Chris level is known to make it fun and easy as he is known to be a down-to-earth guy by many of his fans and people around him, his schedule is always busy but he responds to it by creating escape times for him to relax and enjoy life.

You can follow more of his daily actions and new projects from him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-level-music-646b94190?original_referer=http%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2F

Chris level is a far-fetched little guy but also who is growing up in the spotlight and learning about celebrityhood as many of his fans are big companies like paramount among many others.

His music inspires many people but not to forget that there’s a large number that finds his music and soundtracks repulsive including fans of other sync composers and sync artists or just his musical friends who are known to be widely jealous of Chris on the social media.

The fame he is picking up is an all-time high for any sync composer and sync artist in the past decade as he was named the most popular sync artist and sync composer of 2022 after he reached 5k mentions on Facebook In under 2 months, this is something many top sync composers and sync artists have never achieved before or achieved in such a short time of period.

Chris Level

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