Zapp Mallet Opens Up About Being Addicted To Music Production

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Veteran Ghanaian sound engineer, Emmanuel Wallet, widely known as Zapp Mallet, has opened up about his addiction.

He disclosed on GTV that he is stuck to music production.

Zapp, who has been working as a music producer for over 30 years, described music as a bug.

“I’m used to music now. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years and I’m stuck with it now. Music is like a bug. When it bites you, you can’t free yourself. There’s no cure. It’s like a disease, not a terminal disease, but a kind of loving disease. And when it bites you, you can go and work at the bank, and you won’t be happy. You can get a good salary, but you won’t be happy,” he stated.

Zapp Mallet also talked about his daughter who is stuck to film production.

“My first daughter, the film ‘bug’ has bitten her. And I know how she feels. She doesn’t want to hear anything apart from film.”

Zapp Mallet is the only music producer to have won the Ghana Music Awards three times in a row, in 1999, 2000, and 2001.

Zapp Mallet


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