Girl vomits money, nails after ordeal with ‘sakawa’ boys

Family of a young woman is in shock because

their 19-year-old daughter, who disappeared

for a week in January this year, returned and

began vomiting money, broken bottles, nails,

an egg and pins.

19-year-old Rebecca Ankobea, who is

currently living on the premises of the

Building Faith Ministry International (BFMI),

has so far vomited close to GH¢50 in GH$5

and GH¢5 denominations, as well as coins in

50Gp and 20Gp denominations.

Although Rebecca had been living on the

church premises at Lapaz in Accra for more

than a month, it was not until last Friday that

she allegedly began vomiting the items.

When the Daily Graphic visited the church

yesterday, Rebecca, who was wearing a

brown long-sleeved dress, and spotting a

scruffy hair, was lying on a mattress in the

church auditorium.

To prove that the story was not a fabrication,

the church made available a number of

videos showing her vomiting some of the


In one video, she vomited nails; in another

she threw up broken bottles, while in yet

another there was a folded GH¢ note.

In several of the videos, she could be seen

wincing in pain and agony, crawling on the

floor, suffering a coughing fit before

vomiting some of the items.

Family member speaks

Her family members pointed accusing fingers

at unknown kidnappers or 'sakawa' ritualists

who, they believed, had kidnapped her at

Kasoa in the Central Region and attempted to

use her for rituals but failed.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic, Ms Tina

Ankobea, Rebecca's aunt, said, "The things

she is vomiting are quite scary. I have never

seen anything like that before. We went to

several places to look for her. We thank God

that she is alive.''

The ordeal

Narrating what she claimed to be her ordeal

to the Daily Graphic, Rebecca said on the day

of her kidnap, she had been sent to the

Kasoa Market by her aunt to buy a mortar

and a pestle.

"I picked a trotro by the roadside when I was

returning home. On the way, I told the driver

I would alight at Just Love Bus Stop.

Immediately a lady sitting beside me used

her elbow to hit me in the face, before using

a handkerchief to coyer my face. I didn't

know when I lost consciousness.

"When I regained consciousness, I was in the

bush, with my hands and legs bound

together. A man came and ordered that they

should untie me and kill me. They stabbed

me a number of times but nothing

happened," she said.

She said when the man realised that nothing

was happening, he ordered his colleagues to

send her away.

"They hit me in the face on countless

occasions and gave me something to drink

before dumping me somewhere. When I

regained consciousness again, my thighs were

swollen and I was in pain," she said.

Interestingly, there was no major marks on

her, except for a small scar on her thigh.

She, however, produced a tattered blouse

and a pair of trousers that were severely torn

on the chest and thighs.

She said she later managed to crawl to the

roadside where a Good Samaritan who found

her in a wretched state asked about what had

happened to her.

"The man gave me his overcoat, GH¢2 and

then put me in a taxi heading to Kasoa. The

taxi driver took me home when he saw the

state in which I was. When I got home, I

couldn't talk. My parents then brought me to

the church," she added.

She said anytime she wanted to vomit, she

could feel aches in her stomach, with

something pinching her in the stomach.

"I still have nightmares of what happened

when I sleep. I see them chasing me," she

added, with a serious look on her face.

Pastor speaks

The Head Pastor of the BFMI, Pastor Simon

Narh, said when Rebecca's aunt brought her

to the church, she could not talk.

He said it was during one of the church's

deliverance services that he had a revelation

there were many things deposited in her.

"Last Wednesday I had a revelation that I

should give her anointing oil to drink. So I

bought one, prayed over it and gave it to her

to drink. Two days later, she began vomiting

these items," he said.

The pastor claimed that since Rebecca could

not be killed, the intentions of her assailants

were to give her something that would either

kill her or make her mad.

She advised the public to be extremely

careful about the kind of vehicles they

boarded, since "there are evildoers who are

after blood for their rituals and other evil



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