This Blockchain project will Disrupt the Telecommunication Industry in 2018

A lot of blockchain projects are introduced each year and some change the way we usually do things forever. Ethereum is a perfect example with its smart contract. One project that would change the way we make calls and utilize data in our everyday lives is coming this year and is already here, BLOCKSIMS! BLOCKSIMS is World’s first decentralized Telecom Company, Free Unlimited Voice and Data World Wide. 

Being a decentralized technology, BLOCKSIMS blockchain completely eliminate the role of expensive infrastructure as well as the need for central authorities or intermediaries. It increases the speed of digital exchange of data between people, departments and provides quicker, efficient and seamless transmission of information.

One interesting thing about blockchain technologies is the ability to also make money whiles using the technology. In BLOCKSIMS, your sim serves as a Proof-of-work (POW) device mining SIM tokens as you use the SIM.

BLOCKSIMS is based on the distributed sharing model—allowing all users to access the ledger. It eliminates the possibility of centralized control, single points of failure and risk of hacking attacks by keeping distributed copies of the ledger across the network, thus providing the users a trust, they lacked in centralized telecom networks.All transactions happening within the BLOCKSIMS ecosystem are encrypted through the combination of public and private keys. It combines cryptography and digital signatures to prove identity, and its sequential block formation pattern of the Blockchain eliminates the possibility of tampering historical records.
BLOCKSIMS will allow content providers such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion or Netflix to purchase data bundles through a BLOCKSIMS and then providing that content to their registered users—facilitating them to avoid high cost data charges. This use can case can also help friends or families sharing their internet bundles with each other.

BLOCK SIM aims to resolve all the problems associated with traditional telecommunication networking by offering BLOCK SIM cards which allows unlimited data and voice connectivity from the revenue generated through digital advertisements. It enables seamless distribution of information by developing new revenue channels and eliminating the role of intermediary from the process when people are being connected through tele communicational networking.
BLOCKSIMS is a decentralized ethereum based erc20 token, that would allow peer to peer transactions and transfer of value by eliminating the role of intermediary.
They are already in 170 countries and has partnered with 11 network providers across the globe including Airtel, AT&T,Cellcom, Vodaphone and T-Mobile.

Join their telegram group for more information through this link https://t.me/BlockSIM or visit their website www.blocksims.io to read more about the technology.

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