Things Fall Apart “Year Of Return”

The year of return is undeniably a flagship program the Creative Art sector was supposed to have witnessed, nevertheless the very essence of this anniversary seems to be completely lost, Do we know where we are coming from as a Nation. The injustices that happened to our forefathers, the struggles, the colonialist strategy to divide & rule, the exploitation and scrambling for our precious & expensive resources. It is said, ” No man is free, who is not a master of Himself”.

Do we remember our pride & identity as people, let us utilize this opportunity presented to our doorstep by the first gentleman of the land, the Ministry is fading our hopes, Creative Art Council is nothing to write home about. There are multimillion-dollar questions to be answered?

√Does the year of return have any significant impact, is it Accra year of return or Ghana?, Does Accra have any history to our servitude?

√Does Art practitioners understand the very purpose of the year of return? A detailed story on the actual event that defines slave trade in Gold Coast? The Trans Atlantic slave trade specifically…?

√Does the ministry have any properly outlined sequential activities?
√Does the ministry in itself understand what the President proposed for the nation & Arts sector?

√Where are our movie producers? none was able to do research into this amazing history of ours to come out with any proper filmed series? Really?
√What impart does giving ambassadorial role has to do within this short time frame, Sarkodie is done with what he can do to support, & that was the declaration he did at the Microsoft Theater in L.A (California), this short period can not bring any impart Mad. Minister?

Why are things falling apart? To have knowledge is different from wisdom & to have wisdom is different from implementation. It appears those in position to spearhead this flagship celebration lacks the capability to convince various stakeholders to implement their conceived ideas, most especially, the Creative Art Council & the Ministry, they must up their game. Okraku Mantey must stop being loquacious, he knew there is bureaucracy in government before he accepted to lead that noble office, the talking is too much, we must see action!!•

Organizing press conferences is nothing new from the old, Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi & her entourage must know their left to right. Do they know what happened in 1619, does the ministry has any documentation to that effect, do they know how far we’ve come as a nation & as a people, so far as slavery is concerned?.

According to their calendar online, how was PANAFEST celebrated in February?, how was Black history month celebrated in February?, what do we have in November?… nothing right?, how are we packaging & advertising the creative art show & Afrochella in Dec, 28th. Do foreigners really visit places of historic importance? What is the main event for this year of return?

We can pay millions of dollars for made in Ghana advert on Aljazeera, yet you cannot please our eyes in our own country… Sad indeed!!•

By: Nana Yaw Nokware (Manuel), Sunyani – Bono Region. Citizen not Spectator

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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